Chanchanchankapana Chankapana!!!

I can't help but write this here. I am back from the BEST concert I have ever been to!!!! Which is actually saying a lot considering how many Johnny's concerts alone I've been to.  Oh the Koya!! Oh the Shige!! Oh the glorious Koyashige!!!! Oh those HOT ass leather costumes!!!!!! It was incredible!! All of it!! Even the crying was good in a sad and lovely way. I love Love LOVE NEWS (or is it NEWZU?) Anyway in order to give this post some purpose I'll post 2 pics I took of the stage.

front stage (where the princes live)

And the back stage

There was a center stage too but it was just a platform.
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I'm offering a free ticket to see the Breakerz for their 11/29 concert in Hokkaidō at the Sapporo Education and Culture Hall to whoever can use the ticket. The doors open at 6:00 and the show starts at 6:30. Comment or PM me if you would like the ticket and can make the concert.
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Who likes Daigo?

Hi, I have the following Breakerz tickets for sale. They are all fan club tickets purchased on one fan club
membership. I have 1 ticket for each concert. I am selling them for what I paid for them (6600yen). If you are interested in them or have any questions about the tickets please leave a comment or PM me.

Thank you

11.7 (Mon) Hiroshima/Aster Plaza 6:00/6:30

11.12 (Sat) Tochigi/Great Hall, Nikko City Imaichi Cultural Hall 5:00/5:30

11.19 (Sat) Gifu/Great Hall, Tajimi Cultural Hall 5:00/5:30

11.29 (Tue) Hokkaidō/Great Hall, Sapporo Education and Culture Hall 6:00/6:30
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Fan Art! 6 gatsu Bitter Orange

I don't normally post fan art but a friend of mine wanted to know what Shige's dress looked like when he dressed in drag for his play so I drew this from memory. I'm not sure if the bust is 100% accurate because it had some complicated lace and wires at the top to hide his lack of breast but I think you can get at least get an idea of what it looked like.

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Hanawake no Yon Shimai Ad

I took these pictures of an advertisment for Hanawake no Yon Shimai  on my way to Shin-Kiba on the Fukutoshin line and I thought I would share them. Feel free to share them and edit them as you see fit but please don't add watermarks to them. You don't need to credit me.

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Takki is AWESOME!!!

I just came home from Takki's rehearsal and it was crazy fun! There was a whole lot less music than I had imagined there would be but what he did sing was great (especially HO! Summer and Yume no Monogatari)!Collapse )
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You &J scans

I have decided to post my scans of NEWS' part in this months You & J  fan club pamphlet.  Feel free to do what you want with them (especially if you'd like to translate them).

Many thanks to [info]inala for cleaning them up for me.

Download link
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Koyashige stimulus. Let's get those fics written for a better tomorrow.

In a time when Koyama and Shige are doing their part of gaying each other up like no bodies business there still seems to be a economic slump (I realize that economic slump doesn't exactly work as analogy but you get the idea) in the Koyashige fic department. That is why I like many of the great men/women that run various countries (to be fair I only know for sure that Japan and America are receiving stimulus edit I have now learned that Australia has it too) would like to offer a stimulus to anybody interested. Here is the concept in a nutshell: You write a Koyashige fic (any rating is OK but no gen or het). Then post it in the comments. I will PM you about your address so I can send you "The Koyashige shop photo" as seen here (yes inalathat is it's official name now ^.^):

posted by candy_escapism. (I own the photo too but I don't have a scanner).

I will not be making any prompts but if you can't think of anything please feel free to use one of the Koyashige prompts that where never written on one of the smut/kink memes in the past. If you would like to post it there too but want to stay anon please feel free to post it anon in both places and then PM me to let me know or if you would like to post a new fic that wasn't prompted there but your shy or embarrassed you may also post it anon in this post and PM me(I will know who wrote it but I will never tell :p).

It is not my intention to offend anybody by offering to do this. In my mind I see this as a double stimulus not double stimulation though that's good too >v< because it will also show interest in the Koyashige combini at the Johnny's shop (I will be buying them directly).

So if you have always wanted an official shop photo or you just want to support Koyashige. Please write me some porn♥.

Here is a list of the fics that were written so far (If the authors of the untitled fics have titles for them let me know and I will change it):
Untitled by: potetofurai 
Untitled by: jonagolden  aka miss_jelly 
Kei, no.... by: ivonnemcgruder 
Untitled by: synthesizia 
fulsomefarce  continued her truly wonderful AU fic to help the Koyashige love. It can be found here.
Artistic sensibilities by ungalad 
Seminar by  clutzynew 
algebra by kaisa_of_laurel 
Smile Maker by colorfulkizuna 
Slipping by kyokutan 


Untitled by jadeyeap 
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